opening the justB group for paying members

only one day has passed since the closing down sale started and there has been a slight demand (=D) for group access, so i decided to open the group, but the late arrivers will have to pay a join fee. the join fee has been set to 99 L$. leaving the group at this point means you will need to pay to join again, even if you joined the group before it was closed.

i hope you will stick around cause there just may be something for you before the doors close and the lights go out =)

you can join the group by touching the group joiner placed at the store entrance or throughout the store, or via my profile. the group can also be found in search, or you can copy+paste this link secondlife:///app/group/478546a8-1b1a-a6d3-8ce9-f3b802e53534/about in your browser’s address bar, which will launch your viewer if you’re not inworld.

NB! if you decide to join the group and wish to buy a fatpack of items you already bought singles of simply let me know (with an im), send me some transaction info ( and when i can find you in group i will refund you for the single items you got a fatpack for.


any questions you may have – send me an im =)

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justB closing sale has started

alright – the sale has started! 75% off both inworld and on marketplace.

inworld store offers fatpacks of everything -for justB group members only- with an additional 50% off – yeah!
remember to wear your justB group tag to buy the fatpacks.

for detailed info about the closing, please see previous blogposts:

bee baroque.
justB group | tp to mainstore | justB on the marketplace

discoveries: cupcake sale

so i am not a big blogger. or a big shopper anymore. but easy to tempt when i shouldn’t be i never seem to shake πŸ˜› sometimes giving in to temptation you will wake up finding a horse head in your bed and sometimes you’re plain lucky and the only change you wake up to is an expanded wardrobe. after reading a blog about a sale at cupcakes i tped right over and found a whole wall of pretty dresses for only 25 L$ and a couple of cuties for 0 L$. i found a handfull of dresses that match my prima glam ballerina flats perfectly πŸ™‚

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announcing valentine sale 2010

14 L$ valentine sale

with a few days until valentine’s day 2010 it’s time to share some details about our very first sale πŸ˜€

for valentine’s day 2010 all red items in my inworld store will be marked down to 14 L$ for justB group members regardless of original price.

if you are unsure of what the items are, here is a list of what is included in the sale:
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