justB in the platinum hunt already!

i know. dorky, right? 8)

the hunt started yesterday at di’s opera on the chic sim, to the tunes of a sexeh dj, wild salsa and some serious gender bending. it ends on august 31st and will cover over a hundred awesome stores with items worth at least 400 L$ each – which you can get for a measly 10 L$ during the hunt! unbelievable! you DO NOT want to miss this =)

you can view my hunt item here, and my hint is: so. tell me… do you feel watched?
slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/209/121/27

complete list of slurls and hints can be found here and roundups here.

for the ones who wanted to blog my hunt item but did not receive it; i am sorry to say that this unfortunately means you missed the deadline – the offer was valid until august 10th midnight slt. but i thank you for your interest! maybe next time =)

to every single one of you who has blogged my hunt item this far: thank you so much! i have made many dorky smiley faces =)

only one thing left to say, and that is… happy hunting! \o/