goodbye emerald, hello phoenix

so. no more emerald. feels a little weird. the transition to phoenix, however, leaves me missing nothing at all. i can’t stress that enough.

i have moved on to the phoenix support team and strongly recommend you to join the phoenix viewer support group to get the latest and best info first. also a very chatty group – be warned =D off topic are welcome, so prepare for some chatter but we do prioritize support.

join the phoenix viewer support group by

– clicking this link in world: secondlife:///app/group/3a1be8d4-01f3-bc1a-2703-442f0cc8f2dd/about
– open my profile, bring up the group there and join or
– touch the phoenix viewer support group joiner located at my store

my strength lies in general use/building and not in very techy stuff. if you want to know how to set up your network connection properly or how to tweak your gfx card then i might not be the right person to ask. but i can point you in the right direction.

i am norwegian so i can understand both swedish and danish fairly well besides english. my main os is windows xp although i do have a crappy laptop with vista.

if you im me you will receive an auto response from me the moment you start typing that will look like this:

hi #f!  \o  i may be busy and/or afk, so if i don’t respond within a reasonable time i would recommend that you try again later. thank you. do you have a phoenix issue? PLEASE READ THE FAQ AND GROUP NOTICES, your question may already have been answered –  if you want to ask me about my store – justB – see or drop me an im. PLEASE – NO hi/hello/u thr/u online. JUST ASK. and i will thank you.

depending on your patience/issue you might want to either wait or try again later. i do try to answer everyone. should you resolve your issue before i get back to you it would be really nice if you let me know so that i can focus on finding answers for others instead of looking to find an answer to something that has already been resolved.

a little warning about group chat: it is known to lag. sometimes -alot-. so if your message doesn’t turn up immediately, try wait and see if it comes up. if there is trouble sending it to group you should receive a message saying so. you can then try sending it again.

also: we work for free, we spend our own sl time in this and do appreciate patience and manners. it is understandable very frustrating at times where issues with your viewer prevent you from enjoying sl, but screaming loud and often in chat does not help any. at times the support staff and devs are swamped and manage several ims and group chats at once. we do not ignore anyone on purpose.

some links you might find useful:

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