justB: monthly dollarbie march: autumn shimmer in dusk

dollarbie for march: autumn shimmer in dusk \o/

as stated earlier, you do not have to be a group member to pick up the monthly dollarbie.

please remember: for the duration of the month the selected dollarbie has been deactivated on the marketplace.

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group gift and discount item

feeling a little drained for energy these days so i havent come as far as blogging the new additions yet so here is just the group gift and this weeks discount item “fort og gæli'” as we say in norwegian. if you don’t know what that means you’re not really missing anything anyway 8P – so on to the stuff:

group gift: unisex argyle sweater in CAMEL
regular price 129 L$ – member price 0 L$
group gift available till oct 17th.

discount item: autumn shimmer, long sleeve cotton top in DUSK
regular price 119 L – member price 60 L$
available till oct 10th.

you will find them at the entrance in the store as well as out in the store. remember to wear your tag to get them at the special price. you will then be refunded automatically right away.