justB for CHIC2

happy happy birthday CHIC! \o/

let there be cake, chocolate, fluffy kittens and all other things sweet, justB wants to celebrate CHIC’s 2nd birthday! but gaaaaaaaaah, i am so bad at item description, so this time i am just saying this: it’s a pair of wide flared pants! in bright and happy colors! it’s mesh! they come in 4 sizes! you may like them!

mod/copy/no transfer
XS, S, M, L
99 L$

even though the perms are mod/copy the item cannot be resized or repositioned as it is rigged mesh. TRY DEMO! IT’S FREE! rrrrrreally important to try demo to ensure you will be happy with your purchase 8)

and so i raise my glass to keira seerose and the rest of the wonderful CHIC team; happy happy birthday! i’m bloody proud to be a part of your events πŸ™‚

CHICΒ² event location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/148/127/2503

for more info about CHICΒ² please see:

justB appears at culture shock 2012

yes, you read it right =D

it has been a hectic and frantic last couple of weeks as i before this didn’t exactly have any plans on taking part in this year’s culture shock. but when keira seerose gives you a creepy smile you really don’t have much choice anymore, so here i am again – at yet another awesome chic management event.

for (my first \o/) culture shock 2012 event i am offering you my first mesh items; a satin off the shoulder top and an a-line skirt in five colors. but for the event you also get a white top when you buy any of the colors, and a black skirt with any of the colored skirts. in other words – two for one \o/

so this is what i bring to culture shock 2012 – a little piece of me and my country; norway.

(^ omg i’m blonde and blue-eyed XD)

β–‰β–‰β–‰ will give 50% to the charity β–‰β–‰β–‰
satin off shoulder top (single color)
3 sizes(xxs/s, s/m, m/l)
149 L$ (includes a white top)
mod/copy/no transfer (NB – rigged mesh cannot be resized/repositioned)
FREE demo available at event location

a-line skirt (single color)
4 sizes (s, m, l, xl)
149 L$ (includes a black skirt)
mod/copy/no transfer (NB – rigged mesh cannot be resized/repositioned)
FREE demo available at event location
β–‰β–‰β–‰ will give 50% to the charity β–‰β–‰β–‰

β–‰β–‰β–‰ will give 100% to the charity β–‰β–‰β–‰
a set with red top and black/red skirt
top in 3 sizes (xxs/s, s/m, m/l), skirt in 4 sizes (s, m, l, xl)
99 L$
mod/copy/no transfer (NB – rigged mesh cannot be resized/repositioned)
FREE demo available at event location
β–‰β–‰β–‰ will give 100% to the charity β–‰β–‰β–‰

the design of the skirt has been inspired by my norwegian national costume, and considering may 17th -in the middle of the event- is our national day, what better opportunity than culture shock to offer my items πŸ™‚ along with the satin off shoulder top you have yourself a nice little outfit that can be dressed down if you like, or wear to celebrate norway’s national day with me on may 17th \o/

in addition to these new items you can also find the jumpsuit i released for the last fashionably late event in april – “femme”.
139 L$, mod/copy/no transfer, all layers.

a couple of pics of my installation:

for more info about culture shock 2012, please see

oh and ps: the skirts match my previously released faux suede short jacket, should you happen to own one =)

culture shock opens may 4th 2012 and closes may 26th 2012.

where to find justB: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/147/214/5


bee baroque

justB opens store for the last fashionably late, april 1st-8th 2012 ONLY

yes, justB DID close last november. however;

as a spur of the moment kind of thing i had the opportunity to set up store for the duration of the last fashionably late april 1st-8th 2012 and i decided to go for it.

so, from april 1st to april 8th 2012 ONLY you can find a small selection available if you are interested here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/202/159/26

opening the justB group for paying members

only one day has passed since the closing down sale started and there has been a slight demand (=D) for group access, so i decided to open the group, but the late arrivers will have to pay a join fee. the join fee has been set to 99 L$. leaving the group at this point means you will need to pay to join again, even if you joined the group before it was closed.

i hope you will stick around cause there just may be something for you before the doors close and the lights go out =)

you can join the group by touching the group joiner placed at the store entrance or throughout the store, or via my profile. the group can also be found in search, or you can copy+paste this link secondlife:///app/group/478546a8-1b1a-a6d3-8ce9-f3b802e53534/about in your browser’s address bar, which will launch your viewer if you’re not inworld.

NB! if you decide to join the group and wish to buy a fatpack of items you already bought singles of simply let me know (with an im), send me some transaction info (https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php) and when i can find you in group i will refund you for the single items you got a fatpack for.


any questions you may have – send me an im =)

justB group | tp to mainstore | justB on the marketplace