justB opens store for the last fashionably late, april 1st-8th 2012 ONLY

yes, justB DID close last november. however;

as a spur of the moment kind of thing i had the opportunity to set up store for the duration of the last fashionably late april 1st-8th 2012 and i decided to go for it.

so, from april 1st to april 8th 2012 ONLY you can find a small selection available if you are interested here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/202/159/26

justB returns for the LAST Fashionably Late

ok. sad news and good news:

the chic sim is closing april 8th 😦 it was the warm and secure home of justB for a few months, way too short, but i loved it there. keira seerose and her chic team did a great job managing the sim and its residents.

their LAST Fashionably Late event, april 1st – 8th 2012, will be a special one.

justB was invited to celebrate and i said yes \o/ ! so for this week justB will return with an item, new and exclusive for the LAST Fashionably Late event. i still have not decided whether or not to put it up for sale on the marketplace after the event is over, so if you want to be sure to get this item you know what to do =).

what i have for you is a jumpsuit in various bright colors with contrast colored sparkly decor in front continuing to the back, and silver studs. looking at the lines on this piece you will see where it got its name “femme” from.

price for the jumpsuit during the event will be 99 L$. a fatpack of all 5 pieces will also be made available for 349 L$. as always, all layers are included and permissions are mod/copy/no transfer.


Q     what’s this, then? i thought you closed shop last november? (nov 2011)
A      yes, i did. this item was made -exclusively- for the LAST Fashionably Late event, after being invited back as a former mainstore resident of the chic sim.

Q       oh. cool.
A       XD

Q       but, wait. what about customer support? are you just gonna throw us an item (that may be borked), take our lindens and run away with an evil laughter?
A       hmmmmmm… nah…! XD customer support is in effect just like when i had my store. i made stuff, you bought it, you shall have support if something is borked. i have not left sl. i may not be able to respond superfast, but i will respond.

Q       oh. cool. so i can just drop you a notecard, then?
A       NO NOTECARDS. please and thank you. feel free to contact me, but ims only, please; unless i specifically ask for a notecard. if i am offline i can read ims and possibly be able to resolve the issue way faster. i cannot read notecards while being offline, so it may take longer to respond.

Q       ok. but if i send a notecard only to read this after; will you have me flogged?
A       XD no. but i may poke you in the eye. o.x

i did have fun (again) making this item, now that i got myself a brand spanking new machine (which i built myself, btw! aaaaaaaaaaa). but whether or not to to pick up where i left and open justB again i have yet to decide, so for now, this is all she wrote.

i am sad to return for the closing of the chic sim. keira and her team are really awesome people. she always gave 100% and then some.  i wish keira the very best wherever her future may bring her <3.

with all this said – i hope you like my item and it was a lot of fun saying hi to you guys again!

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justB for fashionably late: crushed velvet bodysuit

due to the recent sim remodeling there was no fashionably late last week, but today it starts up again. or, well, actually it started at 4 pm slt 😀

event slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/164/139/13 (please note new slurl)

fall may be here and perhaps some clothes are better suited for such weather than others; but sometimes you just want to slip into something soft and shimmering no matter how skimpy it is =)

like the bodysuit i have for you this time, a pink little number in crushed velvet \o/

not a typical piece from me, but i guess sometimes it ok to be a little girly =D

price for the bodysuit will be 119 L$, but you can get it for 75 L$ during this round of fashionably late, from oct 9th to oct 16th.

event slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/164/139/13 (please note new slurl)

and, as with all mah stuffz, the item is mod/copy/no transfer and on all layers. should you find otherwise, please let me know, cause that ain’t right XD

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