lights out @ justB

i just sent out the following group notice in the justB group:

lights out @ justB

dun-dun-duuuun… and so it’s over.

but hey! you’re still here! that means i may have something for you \o/
please see attached care package for stuff.

too sad to say goodbye tonight. will blog tomorrow: . i have stuff to say =)

without you guys justB would not even be B. (heh!)

the group is now closed. srsly.

bee. (kicks a bucket as she exits the room)

so if you’re in the justB group perhaps you want to check out the notice =)

more detailed info and some random brain litter tomorrow, i has a little sad now.


these are my digits

pouting over having to let the culture shock event go i decided to do the “what’s your digits?”.

my digits

skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Pout-Tantrum 2
hair: RAW HOUSE :: Urban Savage [Soil]
horns: >HIO – ‘Salient’ Horns
eyes: justB /creature eyes GREEN

❤ curio skins ❤
❤ raw house hair ❤

i may play a little with the body fat slider. i see so many nice shapes in the “what’s your digits” flickr pool that had more body fat than i would have guessed hadn’t i known.

there is a chance i have a big head as i see very tall avatars in the digits pool with smaller heads than me. but i have a big head in rl too, so… =D

what are your digits?

“what’s your digits?” blog post by strawberry singh | “what’s your digits” flickr pool.

justB ≠ justin bieber

i google my store name regularly to catch people blogging my stuff. to say my thanks and seeing what they think of it. and, i just had to comment on a blog post i stumbled across today that made me laugh out loud. it was a polish site and i had to use a translator, so there is a possibility there could be some slight misinterpretation going on, but when i saw “justin bieber” used in a sentence together with my store name i had to say something either way.

translated it gave me:

JustB .. Is that the name comes from Justin Biber?

short story: no! LOL justB doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with justin bieber. lmao!

longer story: my first ever sl store i called “bee’s hive” (yeah, i know, stupid) and went all the way with the yellow and the honey bee hive look. when that got old (which didn’t last long btw) i changed it to justB. no hive, no honey. just bee. justB. k?

i know i suck at branding and could wish for a nicer name for my stuff, but this is what it is at the moment.

i am sure justin bieber is a nice guy, and i wish him well in all his future escapades or whatever. but he has absolutely nothing to do with me or my store. LOL

thanks to the one posting that comment on that blog. made me laugh so good though 🙂 ❤ \o/

bee. just bee. definitely not justin bieber.