news from justB

i have taken part in a few of chic management’s last events now, and one more coming up, and i have been having fun with it. i have even, just now, released some new items that are not part of any event (please see further down in this post for new releases) and having fun with that also. aaand there is a brand, spanking new group gift in the justB group now as well; sent out yesterday.

so what does all this mean for justB? are you open again? well. i can’t say yes but i can’t really say no either. there is no official opening or an inworld store, but i am selling on the marketplace, and i will continue to do that.

for the time being there is no set plot. no monthly dollarbies or the expectation of new releases, like a regular store. but i will have an open store in the meaning that when i make stuff that i release i will sell them on the marketplace. if at a later point i decide to open an inworld store again my lovely groupsies will be the first to know!

the justB group therefore remains active, open and free to join \o/

i hope this answered some questions.

alrighty then, on to this new stuff i say i have released! \o/

the first two are rigged mesh items; both come in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

satin spaghetti strap top
a soft and flirty two layered spaghetti strap top in lovely, bright colours. outer layer is sheer with horizontal stripes and inner layer is opaque.
mod/copy/no transfer
109 L$

baroque linen shorts
let the summer sun caress your legs while still being fashionable in these bold coloured linen shorts with baroque print. the shorts has pockets in the front.
mod/copy/no transfer
119 L$

NB rigged mesh items! please see included notecard for info about rigged mesh.

satin evening gown in bold and pastels
a vintage inspired semi formal gown with a wrap bust piece in shimmering fabric and a full, below knee length skirt that flows beautifully around the legs.
the skirt has two layers; outer layer is sheer and inner layer is opaque.
satin evening gown /bolds/ also includes an extra skirt, with contrast coloured glitter decor at the hem.
all layers included.
mod/copy/no transfer
139 L$

group gift: satin evening gown /bolds/ lime
you have 2 weeks from today to go get it before it’s gone from group notices. group is open enrollement and free to join and the gown will be set for sale at regular price when the two weeks areup so this is your chance to get it for free! \o/

(small) (no, tiny) inworld location(!): Vetiver/151/102/113
i have a couple, selected items available at a booth on my friends’ land if you prefer doing the shopping there. the femme jumpsuit and the satin evening gown can be found there.

blog post about justBs participation in another upcoming chic management event to come.

hmmmm… anything else…? don’t think so!