lights out @ justB

i just sent out the following group notice in the justB group:

lights out @ justB

dun-dun-duuuun… and so it’s over.

but hey! you’re still here! that means i may have something for you \o/
please see attached care package for stuff.

too sad to say goodbye tonight. will blog tomorrow: . i have stuff to say =)

without you guys justB would not even be B. (heh!)

the group is now closed. srsly.

bee. (kicks a bucket as she exits the room)

so if you’re in the justB group perhaps you want to check out the notice =)

more detailed info and some random brain litter tomorrow, i has a little sad now.



One thought on “lights out @ justB

  1. Bee, I wish you the best of luck in whatever life holds for you! I appreciate your kindness and generosity. Big warm hugs, Venus

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