justB closing sale, info, support & stuff


when are you closing?
justB closes november 25th 2011 at 5pm pst. both inworld as well as on the marketplace.

what will happen, will you just go poof?
there will be a closing sale. (see below for details)

the sale will start november 11th at 1pm pst  and end november 25th 5pm pst.

▮▮▮ ! NB ! perks for justB group members! ▮▮▮
there will be special perks for my lovely groupsies and i am giving potential new ones the chance to get in on it before i close the enrollment november 10th 2011. so if you think you want to risk it – join! it has always been free, so you might as well stay till the last day. what do i know, it may be a good thing you did 😀

if you’re not already a member; join the justB group by clicking this link (or copy+paste): secondlife:///app/group/478546a8-1b1a-a6d3-8ce9-f3b802e53534/about , using the group joiner located at the entrance of the store, or via my profile.

with your store gone, what if the stuff i bought breaks or escapes?
there is no expiration date on my customer support. if you have my stuff and something is wrong with it you shall have support. so no change there. (see below for details)

the only thing changing with my customer support after justB closes is the time it takes before i am able to get back to you. it may take a little longer than it used to as i won’t be logging in every day anymore. i should be inworld now and then on the weekends, but if i am needed during the week and i am able to log in i will do so.

▮▮▮ ! NB ! please and thank you! ▮▮▮
what you can do to speed things up is to send me -ims-, not notecards, and in the im describing in as much detail as possible what the problem is. (and please include transaction info) sometimes i can solve it by responding via my e-mail. my ims don’t cap, they go straight to my e-mail, so send =)

what about the group?
i will not eject people from the justB group even though it won’t be in use anymore. i can’t make myself kick my groupsies. i find the message the system sends out to be harsh even though people may have been warned on beforehand, haha. but i will close enrollment.

will justB return?
i don’t want to say “never say never”. it’s such a cliché. but at this point – i highly doubt justB will return. so – no.

why are you closing?
the short story: it’s a combination of rl demanding more, a rapidly aging computer continuously breaking down on me, lack of inspiration/interest and (because of this,) the fun is gone.

the slightly longer story, should you find it interesting: my main machine is old. it has been old the last 4-5 years already and i have not had the opportunity to upgrade it. the (soon) 7 years i have had my beloved desktop it has died on me four times and the time, money and agony it takes to fix it just isn’t worth it anymore. after sort of rescuing it now the fourth time i have to draw the line somewhere. it is not a machine i can use for content creation any longer.

in addition – real life has slowly been demanding more, and i find it hard committing to something (in sl) and not being able to give it my very best just because i’m short on time (and am struggling with bad hardware). it’s not something i want to do and it’s not fair to my customers or the people i work with.

♥ some final words of thanks and stuff
every single one of you who at one point have bought my stuff; thank you for your business! for every awesome blog post, flickr pic and sweet im with thanks and appreciation – i want to say thank you. it has put a dorky smile on my face. without exception. without you guys i wouldn’t have had much of a store and i -will- miss you.

the ones of you who hounded me, literally wanting the clothes off my back, slider numbers etc; even though i declined, it still made me smile, ha! XD

a sincere thank you to the still edible keira seerose and the rest of her chic team for believing in me and giving me such an opportunity to showcase my stuff as a part of the chic family. it was certainly the best decision i made for my little store and i am sad it had to end so soon.

but, to be honest, i don’t really like goodbyes, so i will stop before

bee baroque.
justB group | tp to mainstore | justB on the marketplace
http://www.flickr.com/groups/justb ◀ yes, i want to see you wearing my stuff, so submit!


i will blog again when the sale starts.


3 thoughts on “justB closing sale, info, support & stuff

  1. Bee, I am so sad to hear that you are closing shop but I do understand the realities of what you describe. You ROCK girl! Bestest of wishes in all of your new endeavors and, should you return to create in SL again, please let your fanz know!! ♥

    • kinda embarrassed to reply so late, but here goes – thank you venus, for your lovely and supportive words. they do mean a lot 🙂 i am not good at this stuff, but, just, thank you so much 🙂

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