justB for fashionably late: crushed velvet bodysuit

due to the recent sim remodeling there was no fashionably late last week, but today it starts up again. or, well, actually it started at 4 pm slt 😀

event slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/164/139/13 (please note new slurl)

fall may be here and perhaps some clothes are better suited for such weather than others; but sometimes you just want to slip into something soft and shimmering no matter how skimpy it is =)

like the bodysuit i have for you this time, a pink little number in crushed velvet \o/

not a typical piece from me, but i guess sometimes it ok to be a little girly =D

price for the bodysuit will be 119 L$, but you can get it for 75 L$ during this round of fashionably late, from oct 9th to oct 16th.

event slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/164/139/13 (please note new slurl)

and, as with all mah stuffz, the item is mod/copy/no transfer and on all layers. should you find otherwise, please let me know, cause that ain’t right XD

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– i’d love an im with a link to any blog post with my stuff \o/

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justB: newness + sale + +

alrighty; the polygon dust has settled and justB is open again! \o/

so on to the new stuff and stuff!

a faux suede short jacket with decor inspired of the norwegian national costume, in coal, coffee and stone. it comes with a second option for the collar and sleeves; with no decor. mix and match – go wild!
faux suede short jacket – mod/copy/no transfer – 139 L$

linen blouse in ivory with the same decor as the jacket. optional sculpted collar, sleeves and bottom.
linen blouse – mod/copy/no transfer – 119 L$

a cotton sleeveless top with crocheted decor on chest in 7 lovely colours.
cotton crochet top – mod/copy/no transfer – 109 L$

chenille skirt in two color options. NB skirt is fully sculpted and therefore not flexi.
chenille skirt – mod/copy/no transfer – 129 L$

group discount item

faux suede short jacket in coffee. available at group discount price, 50 % off (70 L$), till october 8th. WEAR YOUR TAG FOR IMMEDIATE REFUND. group entry fee is currently none.

i also added another color of the previously released sequin dress – aqua/indigo. even though the color is new i am not counting it as a new release, so this dress is included in the 50 L$ sale!

new landmark for justB

please note the new landmark for justB now that stuff has been shuffled around on the chic sim – http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/66/146/26

don’t forget the 50 L$ sale!

as i mentioned in my blog post earlier today: a whole bunch of mah stuffs is set to 50 L$ for a whole week! until sunday oct 9th, actually!


one last thing: there will be no fashionably late this week, but there will be next week and justB is in. more info on that later!

alright, i think that should be all.

i sincerely hope you will like some of the newness and i would like to thank you all for your continued support and patience! much love norwegian style to you all =) <3!

god, it’s been a long saturday. i need chocolate! feel free to im me if you have any questions, but right now i may be afk for as long as it takes me to wolf down a reasonably sized chocolate bar! you heard me!

did you blog my stuff?
– submit your photos to the justB flickr group! http://www.flickr.com/groups/justb
– i’d love an im with a link to any blog post with my stuff \o/


justB store periodically inaccessible today

even more chicness to the chic sim!

the chic sim is currently undergoing some major redesigning (well actually it has all been going on up in teh skais) and today at around 3 pm (slt) it’s all coming down!

so! as close to 3 pm as possible i am taking the justB store down in preparation for the new build. the whole thing will take around 30 mins, but to be on the safe side (don’t want any of you to be hit in the head by huge brick buildings, being pushed into the ground and sent off world) – everything between 2-4 pm slt i’d say is HARD HAT REQUIRED AREA ONLY if you choose to come to the chic sim. cause the sim itself is not actually closing.

around 4 pm it should be in place again, although in a different spot than before, so please update your landmarks if you have any. i will be working on replacing my landmarks on the marketplace and blog and other places it’s published, but you will at all times always find the most updated lm in my profile. i would also like to mention that during all this my stuff will still be available on the marketplace as normal.

50 L$ SALE \o/

when you have stopped coughing from the dust settling you will discover that i am having a 50 L$ sale on everything (* not including new releases and the rainbow roller pack) for a week!


* items with a regular price under 50 L$ will remain the same. although the rainbow roller pack is not included in the 50 L$ sale i will set it at 50% off for the duration of the sale. that means you can get it for 199 L$, compared to regular price at 399 L$!

another group notice and blog post will follow shortly when the new stuff is released later tonight. a group member discount on one of the items is waiting for you as well as a new dollarbie. for october i have chosen one of the new releases. i know! i am wild and out of control! XD

i will then also give the new landmark.

so, to recap, this is what’s happening today/tonight: 2-3 pm-ish store vanishes, 3 pm-ish sim remodeling finalizing, 4 pm-ish store reopens with new releases, new dollarbie and 50 L$ sale.

thank you for your understanding and patience! ❤

till next taim – happy saturday-ing \o/
– bee.