justB moving to chic sim!

new slurl for justB is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/208/128/27

when you are reading this i am probably in the middle of removing the stuff from my (now) old land in the mohatu sim. BUT you will find my stuff again – the brand new chic sim opens today at 4 am slt (or, pm pdt, to be correct) and justB is already there! \o/

A CHIC Management sim featuring mainstores for: Di’s Opera, justB, Magoa, Nemesis, Peqe, ORION, Bent! and LePetale.
Also featuring many high quality fashion brands and the weekly CHIC fashion event Fashionably Late.
Explore the world of CHIC.

new slurl for justB is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/208/128/27

please bare with me as i go through all the changes that has to be done when moving a store. any concerns or questions you may have i’ll be happy to lend an ear – just im me!

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justB: dollarbie july: sequin dress in fuschia/blood

dollarbie for july: sequin dress in fuschia/blood \o/

i hope the choice for this month plus the current group gift makes up for me forgetting to set out the new monthly dollarbie in time. and when you see the new sim all bad will be forgotten =) (more info on the move, new sim and “fashionably late” in a separate post following this one)

you do not have to be a group member to pick up the monthly dollarbie.

please remember: for the duration of the month the selected dollarbie has been deactivated on the marketplace.

justB group | tp to mainstore | justB on the marketplace

there are changes around the corner – and a group gift \o/

cut to the chase: justB is moving! \o/

beautiful, sassy and totally edible keira seerose asked if i wouldn’t mind planting my prims on chic’s brand spanking new sim that’s about to be born. and after saying “you sure?”, “you sure?” “really?” and “you sure?” i started preparing for the big move.

well, i still am. there’s quite a lot of work involved and since i am a total scatter brain i keep forgetting things left and right. one of the things was to set out a new dollarbie for the month we just entered – july. and because i don’t want any of my delicious little groupsies beating my polygon brain into a pulp i am today bringing you all a peace offering. please to accept =D

it’s a pair of roller skates. my roller skates has to be the best selling item i have ever had available. there is definitely a demand for rolling around in the fun =p

included in the pack is – as with the regular skate packs – both small (female) and large (male) sizes, alpha version (large/male skates) and an extra left skate with a simple skating ao.

i am aware it may look like a bunch of omgwhatsallthisthen when you first look at it, but you only need to wear two skates at a time (=D), so decide first what size you think you may need – small is made to fit a size zero (female) foot and large is made to fit a size 30 (male) foot.

if you are male and need the large size, you have the option to use the regular ones with invisiprims, or you can choose to wear the alpha version (marked with alpha) if your viewer supports this feature. that is why you will see a “/no foot (roller skates)” alpha layer included. if you get an error message about upgrading when attempting to wear this, your viewer doesn’t seem to support the alpha layer. so that is when you wear the regular ones.

the last thing you need to decide is if you need the skating ao or not. if you have your own (roller) skating ao/hud then do not use the (left) skate marked “(w/ao)”. if you don’t have any (roller) skating ao/hud, hey, that’s why i included the extra skate with the simple skating ao. \o/

the skates are black with black wheels and toestop and there is no logo on them, but the wheels say “rolling with justB \o/”. – and that is what i am hoping you all will do – roll with me and this move. 🙂

my store will stay in lionheart mohatu until july 9th – that is when the chic sim officially opens \o/

i can’t release any landmarks until then, but there will be another group announcement when i do move, as well as a blog post, to keep you updated should you wish to be. if you prefer not to be you can avoid reading the blog, turn off group notices or hold your head to your ears and go “la la la la la la” =D

the skates are sent out in group notices so you don’t have to come to the store to pick them up. they will be available till july 16th and will not be sold after this. ps. the textures on the shoe have been improved slightly.

oh, and btw – when justB opens on the new sim there will be a new monthly dollarbie set out \o/

i love you guys, thanks for sticking with me. now go have fun with the skates!

– bee.
justB group | tp to mainstore | justB on the marketplace