justB: something old, something new…

ok. it’s been a little while since i released something new. not counting the sequin dresses released for ch1c =) this time there’s a litte bit of this and a little bit of that so please read on.

first – brand new releases – platform stilettos in 10 colors \o/ please note they use the alpha layer to hide the foot, so you need a viewer that supports this feature. if you don’t know if your viewer supports the alpha layer there is a demo available for free, both in store and on marketplace.

and i have added a new color to my palette – mustard. a warm, yellowish color. i hope you like it.

some older items have been updated to include this color plus some existing ones:
– the cashmere scoop neck blouse in mustard/brown and water/ivory
– the faux suede pencil skirt in mustard
– the zipper tank in coffee, mustard, olive, pink and wheat
PLUS the zipper tank in water was updated to match; so it’s actually a new color.

NB if you have purchased the zipper tank in the (now) old water color prior to this release (june 17th 2011) you will receive the new one for free. i will go through my transaction logs and send them out, but if you for some reason do not receive it get in touch with me leaving your transaction info and i will get back to you asap.

the price on the zipper tank has also been reduced to 49 L$ \o/

the following items have been removed from the marketplace and will be available only at the inworld store at a marked down price for as long as i can stand to look at them – out with the old, in with the new \o/:
– lambswool cardigan – 79 L$
– tweed jumpsuit – 59 L$
– knit tube top in rust – 59 L$
– zipper tank in forest and rust 29 L$
– faux suede pencil skirt in forest – 79 L$

alright… what else… oh yes –

the sequin dresses released for the ch1c event will be put up for sale in the store and on the marketplace when the event ends, on june 19th for 149 L$. it has been (and is, until june 19th) 139 L$ @ ch1c, though. wanted to mention that.

and, if you are still reading you will soon find out that there is finally a new group gift for you! \o/ come to the store to pick up the brand new platfom stilettos in pink. they are set for sale at 1 L$, but wear your group tag and you will be refunded immediately. group gift available till july 1st.

phew. that should be all =p

i want to thank you all – for buying my stuff, for liking my stuff and for blogging my stuff! love you all for that, you are all so sweet – thank you =)

wishing you a wonderful weekend!

– bee.
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happy ch1c birthday! \o/

chic management is turning one year old this month and i am so honored i was invited to celebrate!

keira seerose is a sweet sweet girl with a million creative ideas and just as many smiles and kind words. keira, thank you for believing in me. (and for the face licks =D ) ❤

happy happy ch1c birthday to the entire chic management team! here’s to a well done first year and many, many more! \o/

for this occasion i have made a fun, glittery sequin dress with a little 80’s flare that can endure some serious hard core partying and still keep you looking all glam and gorgeous all night long!

the dress has sculpted sleeves, shoulder pads and frilly skirt. a fully covered front, but with a plunging waterfall back. turn your back on people in style =)


for the birthday event the dress is released in three color combos – lime/aqua, gold/fuschia and fuschia/blood at 139 L$ each. mod/copy/no transfer. all layers. after the event closes the dress will be available at the store possibly with additional color combos at 149 L$.

if you are on the ch1c bloggers list you can pick up the lime/aqua one for free already now! \o/

the ch1c event opens to the public june 4th 4 pm slt (midnight gmt) and ends june 19th 4 pm slt.

slurl to the birthday venue to be announced!



justB: monthly dollarbie june: studded denim pants glam

dollarbie for june: studded denim pants in glam \o/

justB: monthly dollarbie june: studded denim pants in glam

skin tight pants with studs all the way down both legs, print on the side of one leg and the word “glam” printed in front with decorative zippers. sculpted cuffs. mod/copy.

you do not have to be a group member to pick up the monthly dollarbie.

please remember: for the duration of the month the selected dollarbie has been deactivated on the marketplace.

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