justB – group gift: corset feather dress, valentine ed

there seem to have been a small texture glitch on the skirts, causing some texture repeat at the bottom. i have now fixed the textures and replaced the skirts. if you have picked up the dress before 3:15 PM PST jan 29th and want the fixed skirts please send me an im and i will send them to you asap. sorry for this but sometimes sl doesn’t rear its ugly head right away D:

as a little preview of what is being released over the weekend i have this time a group gift for the girls. it’s the corset feather dress in a limited edition, for valentine. it will not be sold anywhere and is only available as a group gift at the store until february 14th – a little longer than a normal group gift, but it’s valentine \o/

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justB group gift – creature eyes

i have some unisex chucks and corset feather dresses plus more waiting to be released – but until then i thought i’d drop a pair of eyes on you guys!

they are the ones i am using on several of my ad pictures and i use them everyday. they have a black sclera and are more of the fantasy type. they have normal and small sized pupils. i hope you like them!

(actual eyes do not have stripes across)

when they are released they will come in green, cyan and orange.

oh, and happy new year! \o/


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justB: 2011 changes – mini sale and new dollarbie

january 2011 comes with some minor changes and new stuff. by the end of january i will retire a couple or three of old items but i will also add something new – the monthly dollarbie. two of the items being retired will be on sale out january – after that they won’t even be pixel dust.

the following items will be retired end of january:

  • leather platform boots
  • prima glam ballerina (including the current dollarbie)
  • by a thread (mesh catsuit)
  • zip it! (latex catsuit)

the following items will be on sale out january:

  • leather platform boots (10 colours)
  • prima glam ballerina (not including the current dollarbie) (8 colours)

both these items will be sold as a fatpack at 10 L$ each. demo still available for free. that is a lot of shoes for 10 L$!

nb: the leather platform boots and the ballerina flats have all been deactivated on the marketplace. they can now only be purchased at the main store. the prima glam ballerina dollarbie will remain for sale on the marketplace out january.

the monthly dollarbie:

it’s time the prima glam ballerina dollarbie gets some rest. so end of january it will be gone for good. but in exchange i will introduce the monthly dollarbie. every month there will be a new dollarbie item (for the duration of that month). items picked will be from existing stock as i will continue with the group gift and discount item for new releases.

the monthly dollarbie will be picked somewhat at random and will act as a sample of my work. it will be announced in my group the day before and on my blog at the start of the month. you don’t have to be a member of justB to buy the monthly dollarbie.

this months dollarbie will be announced in a separate post.

nb: the monthly dollarbie will run for three months (january/february/march) as a trial period. if it is well received i will keep it up.

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i may or may not be back with new footwear in not long \o/