all i want for christmas (is some glossy lips)

^want!^ 😦

i really love the tuli skins. i really do. i get a lot of demos of various skins and play around trying on a whole freakin’ lot but seem to always end up with tuli the skin i have been wearing for a longer period of time now is the “tuli audrey tone 2/br iconically sexy hunt LE”. it’s, like all tuli skins, an overall excellent skin, but it’s the shading on the nose that has me sold. i have a rather wide nose bridge, at least compared to a lot of the female avatars i see around (pinch nose syndrome :p)

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justB: new releases plus group gifts

a three week “with love from…” hunt has come to an end and it has been a blast! so many hunters have stopped by to pick up my gift and a lot of you found some other things you wanted as well. thank you all!

some new stuff have now found their way to the store and if you picked up my hunt item you may recognize some of the releases this time, as it is the wool tee, knit tights and corduroy shorts in additional colours. all unisex items. there is also some low cut tanks for the girlies with zipper in front – i like it a little rock and roll \o/

new stuff in pics because i suck at blogging! \o/

zipper tanks

knit tights (unisex)

basic longsleeve wool tees (unisex)

corduroy shorts (unisex)


group discount item this time is the knit tights fatpack. \o/ normal price is 299, for 32 unisex tights in some pretty delicious colours – i am sure you will find a pair you like. group discount price: 150 L$. wear your tag and buy for 299 – you will be refunded immediately. discount item available till december 24th.

group gift this time is the corduroy shorts in grey. normal price 139 L$. for group members 0 L$. wear your tag and buy for 139 – you will be refunded the entire amount immediately. group gift available till december 31st.

i may or may not also have sent out a little goodie in the group notices… 8)

joining my group is free, optional and not that complicated. group chat is disabled and notices are not sent often,  so you won’t be spammed in any way.

you can find my items on the marketplace in addition to my store in world, located on one of the beautiful lionheart sims.

yes, this should be it for now. i’m pretty sure.