tips & tricks: removing invisiprim from roller skates

with the arrival of alpha layers (yay! \o/) the invisiprim seems to be a thing of the past (double yay! \o/ \o/) so i decided to update my roller skates to include a version with alpha layers for the ones who use a viewer that supports this feature. (as far as i know only viewers pre 2.0 and possibly older RLV for 1.23 do not. if you use such a viewer – pointing finger at you!)

the skates offered for sale now include this option. however, if you have purchased my skates before october 3rd your skates will have the invisiprim. if you have some basic building skills you can remove the invisiprim yourself and pick up the alpha layer for free at my store.

for the ones a little unsure how to do this but want to try – i have put together a little how-to for you. don’t be afraid to try. the skates are copiable so if you mess up just delete it and rez a new one and try again =)

one last thing before we start. the invisiprim situation only applies to the male sized skates. ok? so if you’re using the female ones then you don’t need to do anything.

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