eeep! new tuli group gift and upcoming release – sayuri

i was in the middle of editing images for a post about some of my favorite things when tuli released a new group gift and a sneak preview of an upcoming release – a gorgeous skin “with a strong asian vibe”, if i may quote the group note directly. it should say “it will magically transform you into an absolutely pretty little thing with no effort what so ever”.

i present you with the Tuli Sayuri VIP update group special

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discoveries: cupcake sale

so i am not a big blogger. or a big shopper anymore. but easy to tempt when i shouldn’t be i never seem to shake πŸ˜› sometimes giving in to temptation you will wake up finding a horse head in your bed and sometimes you’re plain lucky and the only change you wake up to is an expanded wardrobe. after reading a blog about a sale at cupcakes i tped right over and found a whole wall of pretty dresses for only 25 L$ and a couple of cuties for 0 L$. i found a handfull of dresses that match my prima glam ballerina flats perfectly πŸ™‚

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